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March 28
Blood Type


Abel is 15 years old (one of the youngest Jenny friends with Mitsuki) and comes from Switzerland. Her birthday is one March 28th (sign of the Zodiac : Aries, blood type : A). She first appeared in 1990 as one of the members of the "Jenny mates". She's shy and enjoys the company of cows and sheep. She's a bit of a crybaby and considers Jenny as an elder sister. Pictured here is a Licca-chan Castle original Abel with black hair and purple eyes.

Here Abel is wearing a very cute original outfit (denim skirt and jacket, striped T-shirt) from the defunct Jenny shop. The Jenny shop used to offer beautiful original dolls and outfits and at one time there were 3 locations in Harajuku. Unfortunately all 3 closed down and now all we can do is drool over the items pictured in old issues of Jenny magazine. The doll pictured here is an October 98 version, part of the "Hajimemashite" (="Nice to meet you") Jenny friends series (including also Mitsuki, Marine, Olive, Timotei and Mille-Feuille). Some people have complained in Japanese bulletin boards about what they see as the poor quality of the dolls in this series. No doll stands are included, and it seems that for some of the dolls the lips are not painted straight. It also seems that the shoes are made with thinner plastic than usual and look a bit cheap. The dolls are quite hard to debox, which had not been the case until now with Takara dolls. However, for the price these dolls are quite satisfying.

Abel's hair is crimped, which you can't see if you don't take her out of the box, and looked quite damaged, almost as if it had been burnt (see picture on the left). So she was given a "hot water perm" according to advice in Palette House (see the links page). The hair was divided in 9 more or less equal parts, made into 3 braids and tied with sewing thread. Next a cellophane wrapper (that usually comes with the dolls) was put around her head to hold the bangs in place, and the head was boiled at low heat for 15 minutes (it is useful to pop off the head and stick it on a chopstick when doing this, to avoid getting the body all wet). The hair was then unbraided, combed a little, and left to dry naturally. The ends still looked burnt so she was given a hair cut. The result is pictured on the right. Because braids and not curlers were used, the waves are not regular. Also, her bangs which tended to stick out from her forehead are now disciplined. If you want to try it too, remember to never tie the braids with cellophane tape, and never let the head come into contact with the walls of the pot!

Abel in her original clothes and before the "hot water perm".

Left : a Totoco original Abel with blond hair. Right : a Castle original Abel with dark blue hair.