Personal Information
Blood Type

Aya is from Japan and she's 19 years old (blood type : A, sign of the Zodiac : Virgo). She's one of the members of the 2nd generation "Jenny's club" and first appeared in 1988. She has traditional Japanese hobbies such as ikebana and learning to put on a kimono, but she also loves disco-dancing. Her dream for the future is to live overseas and publicize Japan's virtues. Pictured here is the fall 1998 Totoco original version. She's wearing a Takara Barbie.

This same doll is pictured in the Jenny MFDB #2, where she's described as a June 95 Jenny Shop original. She looks the same as "Pao Aya" who wore a blue apron dress and was an original from a shop called "Kids Farm Pao", which used to exist in Shibuya several years ago. Her hair color and facial screen are the same as the doll above ; the only differences are that her skin tone is very slightly rosier and her bang is curled.


Left : a limited edition Licca-chan Castle original version of Aya. Right : a Totoco original Aya wearing a kimono.