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Jan. 1
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Appeared in 1990 as new boyfriend. Cousin of Timotei. Real prince who escorted the deb "Princess Jenny" to the ball in Vienna and taught her dancing and etiquette. Left is Charles in brown suit, left center is Prince Charles, right center is a rare Licca Castle Charles, left is a close up of this rare Charles.

Now new information has been found (2017).

A Jenny size doll, Prince Charles. His head mold is 90K-ONE2 and is not shared with other dolls. In the story line, he IS a real Prince, and he is often called Prince Charles, but he does not always dress in a Prince outfit. He has other looks. I think that he is Timoeti's BF. Timotei is a flight attendant, she is from Scandinavia and also a princess. Her BF is Prince Charles. There is no connection between the Licca Charles (her cousin, the Charles doll with the Kisara head mold) and the Jenny sized prince Charles, who has a girl friend (Timotei) who is a Jenny friend and is shampoo/playing with hair doll, a flight attendant by trade, AND a princess from Scandinavia.