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January 13
New York, NY, USA
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Ellie first appeared in 1984 when Jenny was still called "Barbie". In 1986 she was released as a different character in the 1st generation "Jenny's club". The "new Ellie" put on the market in 1992 was a little taller and one year older. At the same time a light-skinned version with blond hair was also released. Also in 1992 another version appeared called "stylish doll Ellie" with improved proportions. Actually, it seems that Ellie very nearly escaped not ever coming into the world at all! Lots of prototypes are made of Jenny friend dolls, and whether or not they are actually produced is decided by their main target : Japanese children. Ellie, with her "grown-up" look unlike any of the previous dolls, was very popular among Takara employees; but tests with children always had negative results. Ellie was not popular at all with them. Of course, in the business world products that don't test well aren't produced...but the staff at Takara loved her and really wanted to have a go. One of the big themes that year was called "Life-style Coordinate", and in particular there was at Takara a plan to release 6 dolls, with the concept that you chose dolls as you choose clothes to fit your style or mood. Those six dolls were the six models of "Jenny's Club", and Ellie was released as one of them. The staff at Takara were in a cold sweat, but it turned out that Ellie sold amazingly well. However, when they sorted out the replies to the questionnaire included with each doll, they found that the average buyer was a 27-year-old female! It seems that, thanks to Ellie, lots of grown-ups joined the ranks of Jenny & Co. fans at that time. (From MFDB #6) Ellie is from New York and is 18 years old (sign of the Zodiac : Capricorn, blood type : B). She's very open and outgoing and makes friends easily. Here she is sporting "geta" (wooden sandals worn without socks - here in plastic of course) and a cotton kimono (yukata), often worn by girls and young women for summer firework festivals in Japan.

This "Ellie's Club Circus Bravo Ellie" dates from 1992.