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July 22
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Castle Erika was exclusively available at the fourth Thanks Fair which was held at the Castle from March 1 to 5, 2000. She has 12 sausage curls on each side, which make her look like a little girl or a doll from olden times. Reportedly there were also a Judy and a Lina with this hairstyle. This Erika is wearing an outfit made by the talented Kaori

Here's the Jenny Mates Erika released in 1990. She looks very similar to the Totoco edition, only her skin tone is a little rosier.


Jenny Mates Erika in her box

Erika first appeared as a member of the 1990 "Jenny mates". This version is the fall 1998 Totoco original. Surprisingly, she's Chinese (it's impossible to guess it from her face). She's 16 years old and is a gentle girl who loves flowers (sign of the Zodiac : Cancer, blood type : B).

An earlier Totoco original Erika with her original dress (1997).


Summer 1998 limited edition with darker skin (2500 pieces)


My re-dressed Erika. Close-up showing unique eyeprint.