Japanese Francie



This doll actually consists of an authentic vintage Japanese Francie head on a regular Francie body. Apparently this doll, which was marketed only in Japan and is distinguished by her blue eyes, is quite rare. According to the Japanese book "Twist Barbie" she dates from around 1965. In the left and middle pictures above she is wearing vintage kimonos, which were most likely sold exclusively in Japan. They are both made of fabric overlaid with lace, but the red one is surprisingly short. The geta were borrowed from Jenny. The pink kimono came with a silver purse with pink bead fastener. These kimonos are incredibly crisp and it is hard to believe that they were made over 30 years ago. The pretty original outfit on the right (sleeveless dress and short jacket trimmed with lace) was made by Tsun from Barbie Barbie.


A close-up of Japanese Francie's face. Her dead-stock head is minty mint, the hair is in its original flip (there was even a thread below her ears to hold it in place), all the lashes are there and the face paint is intact.