Jenny has been produced in many different varieties over the years. Here are but a very few of the hundreds of incarnations of Jenny that have been produced.

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August 1
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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While at her studies in Japan, Jenny also manages to be a fashion model, pop star, ballerina, and actress. Jenny has many friends(and boyfriends!!!). She likes to play all kinds of sports, watch movies, read, and paint. As if all this doesn't keep her busy enough, Jenny also likes to travel. Jenny says the most important things in life for her though are her family and friends. Jenny's dad is a movie producer and her mother is a fashion designer. Jenny hopes to become a fashion designer too.

Jenny 15

Jenny 18

Jenny 20

New Jenny

This doll is Pink Jenny, she is number 81 out of 300(created on May 21, 2000). The series also includes Blue Marine and Yellow Abel(each LE 300). These dolls now fetch a very high price on the secondary market.



This Fairy Field Jenny with a "sauvage" hairstyle is a reproduction limited to 400 pieces and made especially for the Nagoya stop of the travelling exhibition "Toys of the 20th century". This exhibition is held at various Mitsukoshi department stores around the country, and in Nagoya it opened on 29 March 2000. She looks very much like a Barbie Excelina except that she has green eyes. She's wearing a 1998 Victorian Excelina dress and is holding a teddy bear by Hermann miniatures.



This Castle Jenny has a fascinating hairstyle. Her coloring is delicate and the color of this Azone International outfit suits her well (although it's a bit too big for her, being made for the SAJ body).



New Fairy Field Jenny was originally released by Takara in 1986 and this first version now commands very high prices on the secondary market. She has toyokalon hair and there were different versions avilable : with purple eyes and either short or bobbed hair ; with green eyes and either bobbed or "sauvage" hair. In 1994 Totoco released a replica, with slightly brighter make-up. The version above is LE 1000 and was sold exclusively at the "20th Century Toy Exhibiton" which opened in the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, on December 28th, 1999. She's wearing a NDR Takaradzuka outfit. It's made for the SA body so the sleeves are a bit long!



This is the doll's face was painted by Helene(Biscuit's Club) during the Jenny Club S Castle Tour that took place on August 28, 1999. She has a bit more eye shadow showing on her left lid than on her right lid, and the "sparkles" in her eyes are much bigger than usual!



Marine Club Jenny dates from 1988. The back of the box shows 3 other dolls, all wearing nautical-style outfits. Instead of the usual straight hair, this Jenny has wavy pigtails and long bangs. The red rubber bands have disintegrated on this doll's hairstyle and have been replaced with ribbons. Interestingly, on the back of the box this doll is pictured with straight, standard bangs.



This is coordinate Jenny. She was purchased in 1997 at TRU in Himeji.



This Jenny dates from 1986, not long after her name was changed from Barbie to Jenny. The Sweet Country series includes other Jenny dolls wearing "country"-style outfits, as well as pretty "wooden" furniture and accessories. According to the "Jenny's Collection" book, Jenny's eye print was modified early on and the old eye print can only be found on early Jennys dating from 1986. It's very difficult to distinguish the difference, but it appears that this Sweet Country Jenny has a softer expression than later Jennys. Her hair was tied with a rubber band for more than 10 years, so it will probably need a "hot water perm" to make it look smoother. Also, it's cut very unevenly in the back, which is the case for quite a few Takara dolls. Her outfit is in very good shape, not faded nor moth-eaten!

Left : Sweet Country Jenny. Right : Coordinate Jenny bought in 1997. It is difficult to find the difference! The "sparkles" look a bit bigger in the 86 Jenny, and there may be a little difference in the eyelashes, but it's very hard to see!


Casual Jenny
World Jenny from Scotland
My First Jenny and I've forgotten what she was!!!


SPS Jenny

Kimono Jenny