Jenny Bodies

Body type
Period of use
Normal #1
27 cm
1978 - 1982
Used for Lady Maria and early Takara Barbies. Has a thicker waist than the current normal body.
Normal #2
27 cm
Aug. 1982 - 1985
Almost the same shape as the current normal body, but with "click" legs. Used for Takara Barbies.
Normal #3
27 cm
1985 to the present
The knees don't click anymore but can be bent in a continous motion due to the wires inside.
Kisara Body
27 cm
March 1987 to the present
Has a slightly smaller, more natural bust than the standard body, and a collar bone. Used only on Kisara and Rie.
18 body
28 cm
July 1987 to the present
Has slightly narrower shoulders to be in better harmony with the smaller 18 Jenny head, and a slightly smaller, more natural bust. The arms are 3 mm longer and the feet are pointed downwards to accomodate high heels. Used on 18 Jenny, Princess Jenny, and early Fransois.
91 Jenny body
28 cm
Feb. to Oct. 1991
1 cm taller than the standard body. Has a slightly bigger bust than the 18 Jenny body, but more natural-looking than the standard body. Was used on Jenny dolls manufactured in 1991.
91 Hamon body
29 cm
Nov. 1991 - Aug. 1992
Has longer, thinner legs and a collar bone. The legs are hollow so this body is very light. The bodies sold in 1991 have harder than usual wires inside the legs and arms. Used on 1991 Hamon Ellies, early Ellie's Club Kisaras and Linas.
Brigitte body
29 cm
Aug. 1992 to the present
Has wider, more natural shoulders than the 91 Hamon body. Has a collar bone, a bigger, natural-looking bust, apparent ankle bones, and arms 5 mm longer than the standard type. Used on Brigitte, Ellie, Lina, Miss Jenny.
AG body
27 cm
Mar. 1999 to the present
It is similar to the #3 normal body, but has a joint at the neck like the 86 Nice Jenny body and full pose body, so that the head can be moved vertically. Used on early AG dolls.
86 Nice Jenny body
27 cm
Both arms are linked by a wire and can be fully rotated (360 degrees), and there is a joint at the neck so that the head can be moved upwards and downwards,. Used only on the Nice Jenny series from 1986.
Chelsea body
27 cm
June to Oct. 1991
This body was developed in 1987 by Ooike and was used by Takara only on Chelsea. The arms and legs have joints allowing them to be fully rotated (360 degrees).
Full Pose body
29 cm
Aug. 1996 - 1998
Also known as SAJ. Jointed at the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles to allow more freedom in posing. Has a bust of about the same size as the normal body, but more natural-looking, and has a belly button. The arms are 2 cm longer than the normal type, the lower torso is 1 cm longer, and the legs from the knees downwards are 1 cm longer.
NB prototype
27 cm
October 1999
No joints except at the neck, the arms and legs can be posed due to the wires inside. The heads can also be rotated. Has a big bust and a realistic-looking belly with apparent muscles. Has thin wrists, ankles and hips. Used only on the NB prototype.
Pre-release natural body
27 cm
December 1999
Has a smaller bust than the NB prototype, and no more apparent belly muscles. Is it about the same size as the normal body, but the arms are 1.5 cm longer and the feet are bigger. Used only on pre-released PG Jenny (at TRU).
Natural body
27 cm
March 2000 to the present
It is almost the same as the pre-release type, but the hands are made of a softer material. Used on PG Jenny, Shion, Lobelia, and many other dolls.


This info is from "Complete Jenny File".