Pages written in Japanese (even if your browser doesn't support Japanese, they're worth having a look at!)


Sore ha suteki na Korekushon

(That's a wonderful collection)

Lots of dolls gathered by the owner over 16 years, from Licca and Jenny (including very hard-to-find dolls) to character dolls to antiques. Also teddy bears, anime cels and more. Website is in Japanese.
The cutest Jenny page I ever saw. A moving story and charming illustrations. Kisara fans must have a look!
  Wikipedia - Jenny Small page on Jenny.


Company information

(if you can read Japanese!)

Info about the Licca-chan Castle .
Info about the company and list of new products (usually posted less than 1 month in advance).
Find the address of the nearest branch to you. Has a store guide in English!
Find the address of the nearest branch to you.
Most items now available on US English site.
Directions to the Totoco Store.


Pages written in English

  Attack of the Anime Toys Pam has a gigantic collection of anime character dolls, and also lots of Jenny and friends dolls. People who love dolls with strange hair colors must have a look!
A Japanese collector introduces many plastic dolls sold in Japan during the sixties and seventies, including Barbie, Licca, Dawn...Lots of pictures and all comments in English.