Personal Information
Paris, France
Blood Type

Here is a Castle original Judy. She has brown hair, lavender eyes and fair skin. She's wearing a Vietnamese outfit by Azone International and is sitting in a chair bought at Volks. The body on this doll was changed by Helina to a SAJ body.

Another version of Judy with brown hair and purple eyes. This is one of the special dolls available only to Jenny Club S members during the Castle Painting Tour on August 28, 1999. Like Marine, there were only about half a dozen of this doll and she sold out instantly.


Judy is 17 years old and comes from Paris, France (blood type : B, sign of the Zodiac : Cancer). She first appeared in 1988 as a member of the 2nd generation "Jenny's club" (blue eyes). A re-edition was released in 1995 in celebration of Jenny's 10th anniversary. Judy also re-appeared in 1996 as "beads hair Judy" (green eyes). She's a bright cheerful girl who likes singing and playing the keyboard. She would like to be a singer or an actress when she's older. Pictured here is the VHTF 1997 Takara-bako original suntanned Judy. This doll was available for order through Internet only for a limited period of time. She is extremely popular and very few collectors ever part with her. Here she's wearing a dress made using a pattern in Jenny magazine. The sandals are from a Licca shoe pack.

Here is a Kiddyland/Noix de Rome original version released in 1998.