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Yokohama, Japan
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This is Julia. She has been redressed in a dress which originally came with a Jenny Shop original "Happy Birthday Elise" released in 1993. In the same series were Rosana (pale blue dress), Fransois (mauve dress), Sheena (peach dress) and Charles (white tights and navy velvet top). They all look like ballet dancers and their original price was 4000 yen each. Julia's hair was boil-permed and falls in short sausage curls from the top of her head. Unfortunately the name of the customizing artist is not available.


This version of Julia is a LE replica dating from December 1998 (2500 pieces). Here she's wearing a handmade dress made from patterns in MFDB Jenny #6


Julia is from Japan (Yokohama) and is 16 years old. She appeared in 1986 as a member of the 1st generation "Jenny's club". She's a bit of a spoilt child but strong-willed. She loves sports (tennis, figure skating) and dreams of being an "idol" singer one day. The doll pictured above was released in 1995 in celebration of Jenny's 10th anniversary. She is wearing a school uniform made from a Noix de Rome sewing-kit. The length of her skirt is in keeping with the current fashion among high school students!