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September 16
London, UK
Blood Type

Snow Marine, red-haired version.



Snow Marine, blond version. Both of these dolls are Takara-bako exclusives released in December 2001 and they are LE 300 each. They were supposed to be LE 150, but Takara-bako forgot to notify its customers before beginning to take online orders. The dolls sold out quickly and they received so many complaints from people who had seen them too late to place their order they had to supply a second batch.



The August 2000 monthly Castle Marine (the other monthly doll was an Ellie) has cheko eyes and pink lips. She's wearing a dress made by Kaori.



This doll is from the Licca-chan Castle 5th Thanks Fair. She has brown eyes which is rather unusual for a Marine (This is possibly the first time such a Marine was released). She wasn't in the fair mail order catalog and was only available to people who went to the Castle in person. She is wearing a dress by Kaori.



This doll was available for order at Takara-bako (Takara's online shop) in late 1999. It was possible to choose the color of her eyes, her hairstyle, her hair color and her skin tone (3 choices in each category). In the following page you can see another Marine with the same hairstyle as this one but slightly darker hair, and one with a different hairstyle. This Marine was announced as the 1st in the "Proud of my girl" series, the 2nd and 3rd dolls in the series are Ellie and Kisara. This doll's body was replaced with a fair-skinned SA body and she is wearing an outfit by Daisy-D.



This Castle Marine was ordered from the Thanks Fair 4 "after-service" catalog. Like Thanks Fair 4 Erika, she has 12 fine sausage curls on each side. She's wearing a 1998 Victorian Excelina dress.



Two other Castle Marines, the one on the left is the monthly LE doll from January 2000. The one on the right is from the first half of 1999.



Two more Castle Marines, left : monthly LE doll (February 2000), right : Thanks Fair 3 (after-service catalog).


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