Micro Jenny


Micro Jenny is limited to 2000 pieces (this one is number 700) and was raffled by Wacoal, an underwear manufacturer, among customers who had sent a postcard with 2 proofs of purchase of "Microhips" panties glued on it. In Japan "hip" is a euphemism for "behind", so it seems that these panties are meant to compress your derriere and make it look very negligible. She is at the 1/12 scale (instead of the normal 1/6) and so is about half the size of the regular Jenny. She has a natural body with wires inside the arms and legs, like Photogenic Jenny. Her hand and feet are very large, so she looks a bit Frankensteinish. Her shoes are even bigger than her feet, so she can stand on her own. Her skirt looks more like a belt than a skirt, and the back of the box says there can be some color rubbing off from her denim outfit.

Micro Jenny in her box.