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September 23
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Castle Naomi is wearing a "fantasy" kimono outfit from Volks.



Naomi is from Japan and is 19 years old (blood type AB). The version above is a Licca-chan Castle original.



The version above appeared in 1997 as a member of the "Supermodel club". She has a jointed super-action Jenny body. She also appeared at the same time as a cheerleader with the same type of body, but with open mouth and with a face bigger than the supermodel's (it seems that in Japan girls are considered the more beautiful the smaller their face is). Here she is wearing a Noix de Rome original dress, made especially for the SAJ body. The good thing about the super-action body is that it allows poses that are not possible with the usual type. The not so good thing is that the joints don't look too great ; especially the wrists, which are so thin as to resemble a skeleton, and the impression is not improved by the hands being a slightly different color from the rest of the body!



Here's a picture of Naomi in her original outfit, a mannish black-and-white pinstripe suit.



A limited edition Licca-chan Castle original Naomi with black hair.



Kimono Naomi

The kimono of this version of Naomi was designed by Katsura Yumi, a famous Japanese bridal wear designer. The tops and bottoms of these kimonos are separate so they can be mixed and matched. Her hairstyle, is very attractive: a high ponytail with two loose strands framing the face.