Pearl Princess Jenny



Pearl Princess Jenny was released in 1993 and has blue eyes and pearly lips. There were 2 versions, a blue one and a pink one. This is the pink version, she came in a pink dress with a heart-shaped cluster of fake pearls on the bodice. Now she's wearing a Teen Skipper outift kindly sent by Marsh!




Pearl Princess DX : this is the deluxe version of Pearl Princess Jenny. Her wedding dress and tiara are decorated with fake pearls, and she's wearing "pearl" earrings. She has the same eyes and lips as Pearl Princess Jenny, but her hair is darker and worn in a different style. Completing the series was a doll called "Pearl legend" (looking much like Totoco's TO-1), released in a tie-up with Tasaki Pearls, which came with a brooch decorated with a real culture pearl, and costing a hefty 50000 yen!