C'est Moi

Taipei Susie


Susie  celebrates her first year in the modeling business by jet setting off to Taipei, Taiwan to help launch a new fashion magazine!  It came as a WONDERFUL and very fitting surprise to Susie when her modeling agency called to tell her that she had been  handpicked by the fashion editors, for the new upscale fashion magazine "C'est Moi",  for an extensive fashion spread highlighting the best and up and coming designers in Taiwan.  

For one fast paced week, Susie was groomed, fitted, gowned, and photographed all over the beautiful city of Taipei wearing some of the most beautiful clothing designs by Taiwan 's top designers.    The non-stop work week was quite tiring but like a total pro, Susie showed up on time each day and with a bright smile for everyone.  This endeared her to the fashion editors of the magazine, as well as, the designers dressing her and their numerous assistants.  One designer in particular, Mrs. Jade Hsu of the respected fashion label "Ooh LaLa Designs" took such a maternal liking to Susie that she especially recreated a dress from her original designs.  Done in 4 sumptuous variations - fabric, colors and detailing - they were  presented to SUSIE as a remembrance and token of their appreciation for all her hard work.  Of course, these brought tears to Susie's eyes and made her realize even more, that this is what she dreamed modeling would be all about -- traveling to far off places,  having memorable experiences, and meeting new friends for life!