Volume IV - China Girl

San Francisco celebrates its’ ANNUAL “Asian American Heritage Week”, and in conjunction Susie’s design school holds a design competition in its honor.  Though she placed second only – Susie was quite thrilled as it was her first major design competition. Susie designed a very modern, fun, and playful outfit accentuated with a Chinese collar.  For authenticity, Susie enlisted the help of her aunt, who owns and runs an upscale clothing boutique in Shanghai named Plum Blossom -- specializing in Chinese inspired clothing.  With Susie’s specifications, her Aunt scoured Shanghai for the delicate material with lush embroidery that Susie needed to bring her design to life. 

Susie's design entry is the gold version, while she wore a black variation for the actual event.  Susie also styled her hair much like the styles worn by the heroines in past "Kung FU - Martial Arts" movies she remembers watching as a young girl.(by R&D Fashion dolls)

China Girl Blonde and Red are joined by the long awaited China Girl Raven........an ultra limited edition of China Girl.