Fantasia Susie

Another experience in Japan was the inspiration for the Fantasia Collection. While promoting Warrior Girl, Susie was thrilled and amazed to see all of the fans who came out dressed as their favourite characters from the game. This is known as Cosplay, which is short for Costume Play, and is very popular with the youth in Japan. The fans' enthusiam was so infectious that Susie immediately started thinking about unique and fun fantasy creations.

Fierce Crusader

The first in her collection is Fierce Crusader - the perfect mix of strength and beauty. The sculpted battle gear of copper with hints of red includes armlets, boots, breast and waist plates, head dress, and hair ornament. To contrast with the roughness of the battle gear, Susie added a hand painted (with ancient accents that matches her body tattoo), soft pink chiffon cover-up.

Liquid Azure

Atheana Warrior Huntress


Cyber Indigo Susie


Oasis Thief