Volume II - New York Nites

One of Susie's schoolmates, Tyanna, a young African-American fashion model is visited by her agent from R@ND Modeling Agency to discuss her schedule for New York's famous "Fashion Week".  For the lunch meeting, Tyanna, devises a plan for Susie to come and meet her agent as well - as she feels SUSIE has the looks to make it as a fashion model.   She was right all along as the Agent, taking one good look at SUSIE, thought she was just the "fresh face" they were looking for - he in turn persuades Susie to join Tyanna for Fashion Week.   As she listened to Tyanna's agent, over the lunch meeting, Susie thought that it would be a great opportunity to TRAVEL and see the world, so she accepted and signed up.  

Both girls were whisked away to NY for a rigorous week of fitting, styling and walking the runways for some of the world's most famous International designers.

At the end of the week, after the last show, a big bash was thrown for all the designers and models to celebrate another successful week of showcasing the season's hottest fashions.  Susie chose to wear an original design by one of her her most favorite contemporary designers, which is an instant hit with all attendees. (by R&D Fashion dolls)