The Oasis Thief


None know her true identity, but all know of her legendary beauty. She is the Oasis Thief and she is guilty of stealing only one thing-all men's hearts.

If the truth be known.................

.......the legendary Oasis Thief is a beautiful Arabian princess, who tired of her royal routine, chose the nightly excitment of the city streets.

Secretly she trained herself to be the rival of anyone. She excelled at all weapons, but her favourite remained the whip.

Returning from the bazaar, Oasis Thief quickly removes her costume and reclines in her chair. Once again she assumes her royal role as Princess of Arabia and quietly brushes her long black hair as she muses over the events of the night.

She dreams of the handsome young man she saw riding his white stallion through the bazaar, but to him she was only a peasant dressed in green.

What would he think if he knew who she really was?

The beautiful Oasis Thief!