One of the most wonderful groups of dolls to come out of Japan, IMHO, were the BG YOU dolls. There were several dolls in groupings of Schoolgirls and Schoolboys in two series(possibly a year apart), Harajuku, Shibuya, Hakama, Swimsuit.

The dolls date from 1987-1988. They are no longer available in stores, so you will have to find them on the secondary market. They are difficult to find . The dolls are larger than Takara Jenny and larger than Barbie. The dolls stand about 12.25 inches to 12.50 inches. Their proportions are more realistic as they are meant to depict Japanese schoolchildren. They have thicker waists and very large feet. Their faces however are what convinced me to collect them. They have the most beautiful expressions. To date I have found 11 possibly 12 different face molds for the girls and one only for the boy.

Click on the pics to see close ups of the dolls.

School Boys and Girls
School Activities
Shopping Boys and Girls

This is what the BG YOU dolls look like NRFB.

The whole collection