Older DHEXs Momoko on the left. New Afternoon Off Momoko on right.




To do a comparison I chose DHEXs and Afternoon Off because they looked the most like each other to give a fair comparison.

Older DHEXs Momoko(ODM) on the left is taller than new Afternoon Off Momoko(AOM). AOM has narrower shoulders. She also has more nicely sculpted hands, but the hands are so big that they look clumsy and out of place. AOM's hair is a lot choppier and more fly away. ODM has much nicer knee and elbow joints. AOM is jointed under her breasts rather than at her waist like ODM.


Seen from the side, AOM's legs are skinnier and her feet while being more nicely sculpted than ODM are much smaller. AOM has a nicer ankle joint from the side, but from the front, ODM looks better.

Both dolls have great posability, but ODM on the left looks more graceful.

Close up and personal, DHEXs Momoko on the right this time has a narrower face and more defined chin than Afternoon Off on the left. DHEXs' eyes are also more expressive. Afternoon Off has a much fuller mouth.