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  Last Update: August 24, 2016

The Holy Grail of Tin Litho Dollhouses

It took three years to track down this house. Here is the ultimate in tin litho dollhouses--The Bomb Shelter House. Without a doubt the rarest of all Marx houses, this house was produced in 1962 only. It was inspired by President John F. Kennedy's appeal to the citizens of the U.S. to be ready for nuclear war if the Cold War with Russia should take a turn for the worst. The house however was not a big seller, and thusly it is very difficult to find. The house came with the rare Dutch door.  This rare house was featured in the 1962 Sears Christmas Book.



The inside of the house was exactly the same as most colonials, with the exception of the garage being replaced by the bombshelter.

And here it is....the one room that makes this item a collectors must have.

NOTE:  The folding cots, which are extrememly hard to find.  I need two more to complete the set.  Also needed - a round table.

A view of the other wall.

The special Dutch door.


A super house indeed!!!!!!!!!!



This house used the 1/2 inch traditional furniture. Note: the utility room furniture was not included with this house as there was no utility room.

The Livingroom

The Diningroom

The Kitchen

The Nursery

The Bathroom

The Master Bedroom

The Rec Room

The Bombshelter

The bombshelter had the folding cots and sink   It also included two patio chairs with arms and a round table as seen in the rec room.  All the furniture was brown in colour, as seen in the pic on the right below.



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