cottage front

   This has got to be the tiniest house ever put on the market by Marx! This house was first produced in 1952 and marketed as a cottage/truck farm set. It was sold as a "50 piece truck garden set".  Interestingly enough there was another cottage produced in England by Marx UK about this time called the Swansea Cottage which was of a similar style but with different lithos and no farm accessories.

The set came with 12 pieces of 1/2" Traditional furniture. One interesting fact stated in one reference book was that it came with bathtub and sink but no toilet(did Marx make a tin litho outhouse too!!). I have since found another reference that lists a MIB set being found with a toilet(to the relief of all those tiny plastic people living in not so Happi Time cottages).  So this probably means that there wasn't a hamper.  Well check the furniture pics below as I have included 13 pieces.  To me the furniture seems rather large and out of scale.



There may or may not have been the hamper.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find the farm portions of this set.  I do know that it came with a farmer, farmer(worker) with a hoe, farmer's wife, boy in position for milking a cow.  There were several animals.....a goat, some chickens........probably more.  There were several crops including 6 rows of corn.  Still working on this area folks, will update when I find more.



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