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Evangeline Ghastly 17"
Evangeline Ghastly 18.5"
Parnilla Ghastly
Mouette - The Skunk Valentine - The Cat Crumpet - The Mouse Bella - The Bat

Dreamstate Evangeline Green with Envy Parnilla


I was born in the attic of Barkely Manor and it's where I continue to live today. I do live alone, well, actually Mouette, my pet skunk, lives with me, too, and now my new friends Bella - I found her hanging out in the attic rafters - and Valentine.  Barkley Manor is the ancestral home of the Ghastly family; an ancient family whose roots date back to the early 1500's. Well, that's what the woman at the Ipswich Library told me. She's one of the few people in town that speaks to me, so I'm taking her word for it. I have a wonderful collection of rocks, spiders, and dust...I'd love to show it off someday.

Living alone at Barkley Manor is rather interesting. The attic is filled with all kinds of furniture - mostly dressers and armoires. It seems that all of the furniture was left here by one family member or another, although I have no idea who. When I was a child, I have a very foggy memory of someone feeding me, dressing me, and generally taking care of me until I was about 8 years old - after that, I never saw them again. It was about that time I started finding food and other things on the staircase that leads into the attic where I live. This also stopped when I was about 18.

I like to get outside occasionally - but I never seem to see anyone. I have my own entrance from the outside of the manor house that leads directly into the attic. Whenever I go out, all of the windows are drawn and the doors are locked to the main part of the house. I do hear voices through the floorboards on occasion, but have never seen anyone.

The dressers and armoires in the attic are filled with old clothes, hats, and accessories. Some fit and look good on me, but most don't. I found an old sewing machine under a sheet and I taught myself to sew. I now either alter or create new clothes and accessories from the pieces I find in the attic. I like to think of myself as a born designer. Sometimes walking through town, I notice people staring at me. They must like the clothes I make. It's funny, but no one ever talks to me. I think it's because they're so in awe of my talents.

I do have one good friend in town and that's Mr. Mort. He's the owner of Mort's Mortuary. We met when I went in to apply for a position. I won't get into that story now, but you can read my diary entry and find out what happened. Let me put it this way - the position I ended up in is not what I had in mind. And it's not what you're thinking!  As for the diary I spoke about, I found it in the drawer of one of the dressers when I was eight. There were only two entires in it. The first one was on the date of my birth, and the other on April 24, 1928. It read:  'Happy Birthday, Evangeline. We will never forget you! Love Mumsie and Dadums."  I still haven't figured out who wrote them.
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Dudley was the butler at Barkley Manor until he inherited the Barkley fortune from Old Lady Barkley. Amelia - a gold digger...
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I have only two Evangelines. Both were basic dolls.

Eternal Evangeline is one of the first Evangelines sold. She is 17" tall and has inset dark violet tyes, appled lashes, and rooted black hair. She debuted in Spring 2009. Dreamstate Evangeline has inset brown eyes, applied lashes, and rooted dark brown hair. She has the new vinyl and hard plastic body and stands 18.5" tall.


Parnilla Ghastly (child of Uncle Ervyn and Aunt Abigail Ghastly) is Evangeline's Cousin. Parnilla has the same attributes as Evangeline. Parnilla returned to Ipswich when she was 20 to reunite with her first love, Mortimer Mort.





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