Expressions of India


Some of the most beautiful dolls ever produced by Mattel, were produced for the Indian market. These dolls are dressed in authentic East Indian traditional costumes.


Festival Fun is a set containing Barbie and Skipper from India. It is a Special Edition set released in the year 2000, exclusively for the Indian market. Shortly thereafter, these gorgeous dolls were stopped in production. Today these hard to find dolls are considered collectors items and highly valuable.

In the Festival Fun set, Barbie and Skipper are dressed in traditional Rajasthani beauty. Their matching Lehnga Cholis are vibrant blends of silver, gold, red, yellow, green and white. Rajasthani wear is famous for vibrant colors and patterns and this set cannot reflect this tradition better! Both Barbie and Skipper's clothing are covered in silver and gold "mirror" pieces, their lehngas and chunnis are accented with tiny seed pearls. Barbie wears slightly more jewelry, with a ruby and gold head dress (tikka), dangling gold earrings, three rows of golden necklaces, 6 red bangles on each arm and a golden ring adorning her graceful hands. Skipper is equally beautiful in her golden tikka, earrings and double row of necklaces. You can almost feel the excitment of Diwali coming when you look upon their joyful faces!


Lush greenery, misty mountains, breathtaking views, soothing amiable tribes and diverse cultures. That is Manipur. One of the seven sisters of the north east nook of India. The traditional Manipuri dance dress demonstrates a rich background that is based on folk tales and myth. The skirt, is stiff and bends around the waist running down to a vertical flow to form a largish bell shaped canopy look. The hairdo is tall with a transluscent and glittering sash draped over the head. Cosmetically immaculate and charming, Barbie emerges as the enchantress and is a picture of beauty in her Manipuri best. Come to Manipur where heaven meets earth in the hum of paradise.


The North-western Indian state of Rajasthan which literally means 'land of the rajas', is known for mystical deserts, royalty and elaborate ceremonies. The stark ochre of the desert is offset by the bright clothing and colourful jewellery worn by the women of this land; amongst the most vivid in all India.

Roopvati Rajasthani Barbie doll's many hued lehenga-choli (long skirt and bustier top) and dupatta (large stole) capture this tradition. This lavish outfit is rich with sparkling zari work (gold and silver coloured thread inlay) on vibrant bandhini (traditional tie and dye print). Wearing colourful bangles, a shimmering maang-tika (head ornament), an elaborate nose ring and a brilliant choker, Roopvati Rajasthani is like a mirage in the desert.

Roopvati Rajasthani Barbie doll, in all finery, is a symbol of the glorious tradition and magnificence of Rajasthan!


Of lush fields and flourishing meadows, mighty rivers and blue heavens, tht is Punjab, the great frontier land that lives in rhythm with the Bhangra beat and folk culture.

The typical attire of the womenfolk in Punjab comprises of an embroidered full sleeved kurta, lungi and a jacket. Brillant cosmetic effects of mehendi and flasfry jewellery complete the most femine of graces in the Punjabi festival ensemble for women.

Come along with Barbie in all her Punjabi finery and experience another dimension with every heave and stoke of lief in Punjab.



Punjab, in North India, is a land of warm and effervescent people who live out a rich tradition of food, folk music and dance. A Punjabi wedding is well known all over India as perhaps the most joyous and festive of all, replete with customary rituals like the sangeet, methendi and the opulent baraat.

To mark this remarkable marriage celebration Soni Punjabi Barbie doll, a breathtakingly beautiful bride is dressed in a bright magenta salwar-kameez (drawstring pants worn under a knee-length tunic) typical to North India.

This bridal outfit is unique to Punjab and is made of authentic raw silk fabric and decorated with an intricate floral pattern. A glittering sequined dupatta (head and shoulder wrap) discreetly covers her head in respect. An elaborate maang-tika (head-piece) and a fine Punjabi-style nose-ring compliments her beauty. Respendent in her finery, Soni Punjabi Barbie Doll epitomises the vivacity of Punjab!!


Gujarat. The vibrant state in West India renowned for its intricate art and crafts, mirror and hand work, and its people, add a unique flavour and colour to the culture of India.

Extravegant ceremonies mark Gujarati wedding festivities in a riot of colour, tradition and customs. The wedding begins with placing the kalash (copper vessel with coconut) which is the symbol for auspicious beginnings. And then culminates in the fast, jovial garba (dance).

Dressed in rich, bridal colours that capture the essences of tradition, Sundari Gujarati Barbie doll glows in indescribabe radiance. Her trousseau includes a pure silk "Gharchola" (sari worn in traditional Gukarati style) with elegant zari (gold and silver thread inlay ) work and a golden border. She is adorned in rustic but eye catching jewellery inlaid with stones, which look like mina (semi-precious gems) work.

Sundari Gujarati Barbie is a doll that sparkles with the extravegant tradition of Gujarat.


Bharat Natyam, a dance form steeped in the temple traditions of India, reflects the beauty and grace of Urvashi, Rrambha, Menaka and Tilottama the mythical asparas from the court of Indra - the king of Heaven. According to mythical lore these celestial beings are the protectors of feminine glory and grace. Bharat Natyam brings out the various nuances of South Indian culture. The costume worn by the Bharat Natyam dancer is a reflection of a rich cultural heritage and tradition. The shimmering silk bordered with gold thread work and a double finely pleated fan-like appendage tucked into the centre of the hip belt, makes the costume most distinctive. The dancer has an elaborate plait entwined with jasmine. Dazzling temple jewellery adds additional opulence to the costume. Swapna Sundari Barbie is sure to keep you and your friends enraptured with her beauty and grace.



An Indian wedding is a grand ceremony, a string of festivities filled with music and dance, rites and rituals. Old Indian folk songs sing of the unmatched radiance of a blushing Indian bride, with pretty mehendi (henna) patterns deep red on her hands, and a bright red tika (crimson dot) like a sun on her bright forehead.

Dressed as a bride, Wedding Fantasy Barbie doll is resplendent in a beautiful traditional ghagra-choli (long skirt with bustier top) with zari work ( gold and silver coloured thread inlay) and also wears elaborate Indian-styled bridal jewellery created just for her. From her sparkling maang-tika (head ornament) to her splendid choker, colourful bangles and shining nose ring, she is truly a sight to behold!

Wedding Fantasy Barbie brings alive the beauty and grandeur that mark the joyous celebration of a traditional Indian marriage!