The Characters

Veronique Perrin

Vanessa Perrin

Adele Makeda


Collette Duranger

Agnes von Weiss

Eugenia Perrin Frost

Natalia Fatale

Kyori Sato

Luchia Z.

Erin Salston

Nadja R.

Ayumi Nakamura

Lukas Maverick

Pierre Devries

Francisco Leon

Darius Reid

Giselle Diefendorf

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Welcome to the World of Fashion Royalty

A world created by the talented people at Integrity. A world full of fashion, cosmetics and intrigue. Two cosmetics companies at odds with each other for their share of the market collide in a never-ending thrill of scenarios. W cosmetics run by the the talented Veronique Perrin and Missima cosmetics, run by the scheming Natalia Fatale, who took M to the top only to be toppled herself and replaced by the equally scheming Kyori Sato. But Ms. Sato has problems of her own as her Model Behavior team is now the property of yet another rival for their share of the pie--NuFace conceived by none other that Model Behaviour's first male model Lukas Maverick. Travel now to the world of FR.................

The Companies



W, M and NuFace are all the property of Integrity Toys and are used with permission only. I am in no way affiliated or associated with Integrity Toys. This site is to showcase my dolls only. If you are looking for a reference site for FR dolls please see Integrity Toys Brands or a very comprehensive well maintained site I highly recommend, LBX Fashion Royalty Reference List.