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  Last Update: August 24, 2016



The Imagination dollhouse was first produced in 1965 and sold through Penney's for $7.88. It was made of colourful plastic and could be assembled in a variety of ways. Here the house is shown in its most common configuration--the three storey style. My house is put together in two storeys, with one section in the centre bottom and one piece attached to each side of it. The shelf that it sits on is not high enough to allow the three storey config. so I just had to use my imagination!!  This house was shown in the 1968 Sears Wishbook.


imagination imagination
imagination imagination


The Imagination dollhouse used the 1/2" Snap Together Furniture.  This type of furniture can be taken apart and put together in all kinds of configurations.  Little homemakers could use their imagination to create the interior style as well as the structural style.

The Livingroom

Here is the living room. You can see on some of the furniture the parts that snap on and off. For example, all the chair tops are separate from the legs, so you could have different styles of chairs. The lamps all snap apart, so you could make different colour combinations.

The Diningroom

The Kitchen

The Second Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

The Bathroom


The Sitting room

The Patio



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