Personal Information

December 1
Asakusa, Japan
Blood Type

This is Samaba Kisara redressed.




This is the March 2000 Castle original Kisara on a Volks body. She's wearing a T-shirt by Daisy-D and trousers by Azone International.




This is a Castle original Kisara from May 1999. She has dark brown hair curled at the ends, very fair skin, green eyes and a Jenny 18 body. She's wearing a Jenny 18 outfit.



This is the second release of School Coordinate Kisara, from July 1999. She's wearing an AG outfit. The color of her earmuffs is almost the same as that of her lips.




Kisara Daitokuji first appeared in 1987, with short or long brown hair. She is 16 years old, her blood type is O and her sign of the Zodiac is Sagittarius. She's from Asakusa in Tokyo and loves typical Japanese food like "monjayaki". When she became a member of Ellie's Club in 1992, she was portrayed as one year older and had long wavy blond hair. A replica was also issued in 1995 to commemorate Jenny's 10th anniversary, and in this version she has long brown hair. The doll pictured above is a Totoco original released in June 1998.



Three Totoco originals : Ultra-marine, Crimson, black hair Kisara.







Ellie's Club Kisara (1992).