A Trip to the Mall Almost




Hiromi Kimiko Momoko (l) and Momoka

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Momoko: It's such a nice day, let's go to the mall.

Hiromi: Sure! Let's see if your sister and Kimiko want to go too.

Momoko: OK, you go ask and I'll warm up the car.

Momoko: Everyone in? Fasten your seatbelts.......oops I forgot this is a '57 Chev......no seatbelts.

momoka: Oh really Momo, you were supposed to have them installed ages ago.

Momoko: Uh yeah well soon. As soon as Shou gets back from vacation he said he would do it.

Momoka: I knew Barbie had to be getting rid of this thing for some reason!



Momoko: I'm having a Mocha Latte, what about you guys.

Hiromi: Decaf Vanilla Latte for me.

Momoka: I love those Vanilla things they do.

Kimiko: MMMM iced mochas are the best......hey who's that waving at us over there?

Momoko: Oh it's Skipper.........here she comes.


Skipper: Hi girls, how are you?

Girls: Great and you?

Skipper: Oh I'm great. I just moved into a new house. It's one of Barbie's old places. Say, why don't you drop over and we could have coffee or something else there?

Momoko: Great!

Skipper: OK you can just follow me.

Skipper: Welcome to my new home!

Kimiko: Wow, Skipper this is really nice.

Momoko: Yeah, does Barbie have any other places on the market.


Skipper(laughing): No, but Sindy's house is for sale. I heard she was moving back to England to be closer to her folks.

Momoka: Hmmmm I'll give our agent a call in the morning.

Skipper: What can I offer you? Kimiko....wine?

Kimiko: Yes thanks.

Skipper: Ladies? Wine for you too?

Momoka(quietly to Hiromi): I wonder if her Mother knows she keeps wine in the house.

I thought she was only 16.

Hiromi(quietly back): Well maybe Barbie left it here. (Loudly to Skipper): Sure, I'll have some!


Momoko: Oh, no thanks not for me, I'm driving.

After a lovely afternoon with Skipper the girls decide it is time to head home.



Momoko: Wow what a nice place.

Momoka: For sure...........I'll call our agent in the morning and ask to see Sindy's place.

Kimiko: Boy that place of Skipper's makes our place look like a bookshelf. It would be great to have more room.

Momoko: I agree, and now with Sachiko, Nariko and Tetsumi there as well, you can hardly find a place to sit!

Momoka: Say Momo, I think you had better step on it. I think Hiromi had too much wine.

She doesn't look good!