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THE MANSION Last Update: August 24, 2016



This huge gorgeous house was first produced in 1961. It was the biggest house in the line and by far the most  deluxe. The house quite often came with awnings made of meta. Just look at the size of this place. The house was the deluxe model in the line. It came with the "Florida room" and oodles of accessories. The windows had curtain rods to hang real curtains from. Some houses came with a playground set, a "Corvette" or "Thunderbird" style car, wrought iron front porch and a front walkway.  The Marxie Mansion was featured in the 1962 Sears Christmas Book.

Just recently I found a RED Marxie Mansion. I've never seen this before and I've never seen it in a reference book. It is not a put together house as it is lithoed exactly the same as the brown house above, and the white house, below. The brown house and the red house use the red stripe awnings and the white house uses the teal awnings.  Added to those variations are the Green Marxie with Green stripe awnings and the Blue Marxie with Blue stripe awnings.  . 


The Marxie Mansion used the larger 3/4 inch scale of Traditional furniture.

The Living room

The Diningroom

The Kitchen

The Laundry

The Nursery

The Bathroom

The Master Bedroom

The Florida room

The Patio

The Playground Equipment



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