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ROBOTECH is a sweeping science fiction anime epic spanning three generations of humans defending their homeworld against alien domination. The story of ROBOTECH is told through the eyes of characters caught up in a series of wars that erupts when a mysterious spacecraft crash-lands on Earth at the turn of the millenium. Rebuilt by the nations of the world, the secrets of the alien science found aboard the vessel were unlocked, leading to the development of "Robotechnology" and the creation of a vast arsenal of robotic "mecha" to defend the Earth against the alien threats that would eventually strike in three separate invasions to lay claim to the mysterious power source known as "protoculture."


The following dolls from this series were produced in 11.5 inch format.

Rick Hunter - Hero of the Robotech Wars

Born in 1990, the signature figure of the Robotech saga, Rick Hunter shares a love affair with flight with his father Mitchell “Pop” Hunter.

Pulled into combat over Macross Island , he witnesses firsthand the terror of the Zentraedi threat to Earth. Also during the course of the battle, Rick has his first encounters with both Lynn Minmei and Lisa Hayes, two women who will have a dramatic effect on his life.

Rick Hunter’s daring rescue of Lisa Hayes earned him the Titanium Medal, as well as command of his own fighter group. Later Rick finds himself in command of the Skull Squadron. Reluctantly, he emerges as a renowned and respected commander.

At the end of the First Robotech War, Rick, now-Admiral Hunter, is among the leaders of the Pioneer Mission to find the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. However, during the final battle (in 2044), Rick Hunter’s flagship, the SDF-3 never materialized from its final hyperspace fold, disappears without a trace. At the end of the Third Robotech War, the legendary Robotech hero’s whereabouts are unknown.


Lisa Hayes

Born in 1985, tough-minded and determined, Lisa Hayes (aka Old Sourpuss) is the efficient flight control operations and executive officer of the SDF-1. 0
The progeny of more than a century of Anglo-American military family history, Lisa is the daughter and only child of Donald Hayes, a top-ranking admiral in the Robotech Defense Force and a leading figure in the development of Robotechnology.

Having lost her mother at an early age, she was raised by a loving but hard-driving father. While she excelled in all areas of academics and training, she stayed at a distance from most fellow cadets and formed few, if any close relationships. One who did make an impression was an upperclassman named Karl Riber. A handsome, idealistic young cadet, he became Lisa’s first true love. However, a protective Admiral Hayes was very disapproving of the relationship. Eager to leave the still unstable Earth for safer pastures, Riber volunteered for special duty on the newly-established Mars Base Sara.

Lisa was heartbroken by Riber’s departure and devoted herself even more intently to her military exploits. Her skills were put to the test as the Zentraedi invaded to start the First Robotech War. Lisa time and again distinguished herself by showing grace under fire.

Rescuing her from certain death on Mars was Veritech pilot Rick Hunter, who would eventually emerge as one of the most prominent figures in Lisa’s life. The pair’s relationship was rocky almost from the get-go, but after surviving a harrowing ordeal together among Zentraedi forces, the two gained a new understanding and respect for each other. This eventually led to affection, though the continuing war as well as Rick’s on-again, off-again relationship with Lynn Minmei would complicate matters.

Promoted to Captain, Lisa would briefly helm the ill-fated SDF-2, which was destroyed in the Battle of New Macross City before it ever was launched. Later, she became a top leader of the SDF-3’s Pioneer Mission to seek out the homeworld of the Robotech Masters in the hopes of preventing another war.


Lyn Minmei

There seem to be several spellings of this character's name, such as, Lynn Minmei, Lynn Minmay (stage name) and Lin Minmei. Despite all that, Lyn is the resident celebrity aboard the SDF-1. Born in 1993, Lyn is a precocious 15 year-old, who becomes one of the most influential figures of the First Robotech War. At its beginning, Minmei is staying with her Aunt Lina and Uncle Max on Macross Island , where she looks after her young cousin, Jason. The sudden attack by the Zentraedi literally comes to the restaurant’s front doorstep, as Minmei is caught in the midst of the fight only to be rescued by a young amateur pilot named Rick Hunter. However, when he tries to return her to her family, the two are swept out into deep space along with the SDF-1 and Macross Island during the hyperspace fold. Finding refuge within the confines of the immense battlefortress, Rick and Minmei begin a romantic relationship that finds itself tested in many different ways as the war with the Zentraedi rages on.

Minmei, who had dreams of being an entertainer, found herself entered as a contestant in the Miss Macross Beauty Pageant. Against all odds, she won and subsequently was launched into a career as a singer. Her sudden celebrity combined with Rick’s military obligations force them to put their relationship on hold.

During the reconstruction period, Minmei toured the new communities and helped with humanitarian relief and morale boosting. As this period went on, Minmei’s relationship with Rick is further complicated by the emergence of Lisa Hayes as a love interest as well as the machinations of her cousin and erstwhile manager Lynn Kyle ( with who she co-starred in Small White Dragon; the first movie to be filmed entirely in outer space). The love triangle of Rick, Minmei and Lisa comes to a dramatic conclusion at the end of the Macross Saga.


Dana Sterling - Leader of the 15th ATAC Squadron


Born in 2013, in New Macross City, the daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling, Dana is not only the first child born from a union between the two races (Human/Zentradi), but she is also the first child born from the womb of a clone. Dana is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy founded in the aftermath of the First Robotech War.

Her child-like curiosity combined with her natural intelligence, compassion and curiosity seem odd combinations to make a successful soldier, but somehow it works. Her mixed heritage gives her the added dimension of precognition concerning the Robotech Masters and their schemes. She also shares an unusual bond with the renegade clone, Zor Prime. Dana is the catalyst for much of the action that takes place in the Second Robotech War.