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This Excelina was designed by Noriko Sadatani, a well known Jenny dress designer (the author of MFDB #9). She is limited to 100 pieces and was sold on August 23, 2000, at an exhibition of the work of Noriko Saditani, held in an Osaka department store. At the same time a LE 100 Marine was also released. They both came in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon. She's wearing a "Little Princess" outfit made by Kumi Mitsubachi from Bunbun-dou.



This is the Jenny Club S Premium Excelina for the year 2000. She is number 52.



This Barbie Excelina dates from 1984 or 1985. She has brown eyelashes with lower eyelashes. Her toyokalon hair is in a straight bob. She's wearing an outfit handmade by Mi-.



This Barbie Excelina is also from 1984 or 1985 and has the same eylashes as the one above. She's the harder to find "sauvage" version with wavy hair.



These "twins" are Excelina Barbies, probably from 1984 or 1985. They both have grey eyelashes and no lower eyelashes. Their hair is made of "toyokalon", a fiber of higher quality than the usual saran. They are wearing matching Chinese-style dresses from Totoco. The 2 dolls above have legs that bend like current Jennys, but older Excelina Barbies have "click-type" legs.



This "Antique Collection Excelina" is a Totoco original from 1994, limited to 500 pieces. At the same time a matching Marine with blond sausage curls and a peach dress was released. The original price was 15000 yen each.



This is the premium Excelina that was sent to all member of the Jenny Club S who joined before June 1999. She was supposed to be shipped in June, but apparently a lot more people than Takara had anticipated joined the club just before the deadline, and production of the doll ran late. Some members, received her in July. Several collectors were disappointed by the fact that she was not rooted with the higher quality fiber used for early Excelinas (Toyokalon) but with the standard Saran; and various defects were mentioned, such as unevenly cut (half an inch shorter on one side!) or too short hair, and red fingerprints on the chin. Her antique-style dress is made of velveteen.

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