MenSajero Style

Three handsome young men arrive, Tatum(left), Sean(center), and Angelo.

With a bottle of wine each to celebrate their new home...


Wow, this looks great. How do we get out there?


That's it, that's what they use. But it's so FAR up there! Hey guys, what's this?


Who knows, but it looks like a perfect exit for us.


Ugh, erg, oof, almost there... It's OK, I'm out. Come on, you can do it.


It's OK, I've got you. Hmmm, maybe feet first wasn't such a good idea.


Free at last!!!


The boys are enjoying themselves, unsuspecting the dangers that lurk behind that tree.


Ah, I could just doze off here.


Climbing trees is so much fun. Yeah, climbing trees IS so much fun.



Charlie the Cat: Mmmm this smells good.

Charlie the Cat: Maybe just a little taste.

Ah, what the heck, OMG, what IS THAT???




Charlie the Cat: Seriously, I was just being friendly



Yikes, I'd better jump that thing can climb........Ow

Are we safe up here? Can it climb this high?

Yeah looks like it's gone

We're cool!!!