Home at Last


Hiromi Kimiko Momoko Momoka Nariko Sachiko Tetsumi


As soon as they were home, Momoka called their friend who was a Real Estate agent. She asked about Sindy's house and made arrangements for them to view the house the next evening. The next night, as soon as everyone was home, Momoko pulled out the old chevy and everyone piled in.

Kimiko: There's no room for me!

Nariko: Hop on my lap!

Momoko: Is this legal?

Off they went! The scenery was beautiful as they drove from the center of the city out to the suburbs.

Tetsumi: Look, there it is!


Momoko pulled the car into the driveway.

As they drove up the driveway, the house came into view.

The girls scrambled out of the car and began to take in the gardens.

Kimiko: Holy cow!! Look at the size of this tree.

Sachiko: OOOOO The water is sooooo blue and beautiful, I want to dive in.

Hiromi: A pool! I've always wanted a pool.

Tetsumi: We'll have to hire a gardener! Com on, let's go inside...

Nariko: I love this tree. MMM I could just meditate here forever.

Momoka: Look at the size of this flower!!!

Kana: Well what do you think? Want to make an offer?

Tetsumi: OK Kana, let's get the rest of them rounded up and we'll make Sindy an offer she can't refuse.

Nariko: Look at this lovely fireplace. What do you think girls? Girls???

Momoka: Oh I wonder if we'll get it?

Tetsumi: For heaven's sake you two, of course we'll get it, we have to be positive. Momko SLOW DOWN, you're messing up my hair.

Two days later...

Hiromi: Hey girls, it's Kana........She says we GOT THE HOUSE!!!