The world of love Dolls

By Hasbro





The World of Love Dolls were produced in the 1970s by the Hasbro company. They were loosely based on a Cosmetic manufacturers London Look advertising promotion of the time. The dolls were also produced in Europe under the name of Miss Matchbox Disco Girls.

Here are the outfits from Hasbro's The World of Love:

4450 Quilted Pants

4451 Love Jumper

4452 Belted Jumpsuit

4453 Buttons 'N Stripes



4454 Sport Gear



4455 Multi Color Mini


4470 Plaid Cape


4471 Jazzy Jeans


4472 Jersey'n Jumpsuit



4473 Felt Pants Suit

4474 The Gaucho

4475 Suede Fringed Vest

4490 The Gypsy


4491 The Poncho

4492 Red Slicker

4493 Mid-Summer Midi

4494 Corduroy Knicker Suit

4495 Fur Trim

DG 400 Red Rally

DG 404 Twist 'N Shout

DG 405 Pop Pinny