KENJIRO: C'mon, in you go!

PARIS: Noooooooooo (to herself, oh my gosh, my suit is coming down!)

While a more composed Paris and Kazuko relax under the umbrella.
Susie and Moriko have found a nice place on one of the blankets. Susie is showing Moriko her double jointed foot that she discovered she had after she took off her knee high boots one day.

ICHIRO: In you go!

MAME: Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fortunately for Mame, the giant air mattress floats by and saves her plunge into the pool.

ICHIRO: Hey that looks like fun, let's go!

MAME: Wait for me!

Everyone is having a wonderful time,

KENJIRO: Hey check us out, are we cool or what?

TARO: Hey who wants to go for a swim?

ICHIRO: Not me, it's too nice here in the sun.




"Temperature in the mid nineties, folks, looks like another scorcher of a day". Kazuko clicked the radio off. "Let's get the gang over for a little pool party", she suggested to the rest of her roomies.

Yumika and Nikki decided not to stay, they wanted to visit the Botanical Gardens.


Taro(right) and Kenjiro helped to set out the blankets.

KENJIRO: How about a little swim Paris?

PARIS: Nooooo, not now, maybe later!!!


But Paris proves too quick for Kenjiro and beats a hasty retreat to save her hair-do and her dignity!

Meanwhile, Suzume welcomes Milan to the party.


Milan and Suzume are going for a floating suntanning session on the giant air mattress.


Namie and Ichiro are enjoying their sisters' party too, but what is that mischievious Mame up to...........

ICHIRO: Gotcha, you sneaky devil you!

NAMIE: (laughing) Ha, Mame you got caught trying to push Ichiro in!











ICHIRO: Watch this!

MAME: He's such a show off!

NAMIE: I think he's cute!














even the guys decide to join in the fun and strike a pose.........



PARIS: What is it with guys, they just have to be throwing somebody in the pool?

MILAN: Whoa guys, watch the splash!



TARO: How's the water Ichiro? hahahahahah

KENJIRO: ahahahahahahahahahaha


But Ichiro is set for revenge.............



ICHIRO: Now whose laughing!!!!!!!!!



Well, the party's almost over and everyone lines up, friends again, for a fun group shot............