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September, 2005 Petworks announced a new line of Momoko clothing entitled Close-Clipped Sheep. Along with this they announced two collaboration dolls with Sekiguichi. The dolls would have the Sekiguchi body and a Petworks head. The dolls were called Victorian Nature(2005AW) and came with red or blonde hair.


Type 2005AW Victorian Nature
Issue Price  
Production Number  
Height 27 cm
Skin Tone Regular skintone on a Sekiguchi body
Eye Shadow None
Eyes Gray
Lip Colour Pale pink
Hairstyle and colour Red or blonde, long crimped, centerparted bangs pulled back

Red Close-Clipped Sheep sleeveless top, brown pants with brown side stripe

Brown Close-Clipped Sheep sleeveless top, gray pants with black side stripe

Shoes Yellow(red top)or black sneakers
Release Date  
Comment My dolls arrived dressed differently than they were shown on the site. Looks like they switched pants!!!

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